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Liberty Electric Motorcycle Co. located near Athens, Alabama has over 75 years of combined experience in motorcycling and mechanics. We don't just enjoy bikes, they are our passion. All those years on the road and in the garage have lent to the creation of some of the most cutting edge, and at the same time practical bikes you will find.



Superior Innovative


Achieving Premium Quality and Craftsmanship while focusing on environmental technologies is our goal. That's why we now offer for the first time to the public, the Liberty Electric Motorcycle. No more scooters! Yes, these are full size Motorcycles, for a full size ride!



Quality, No Sacrifices


Check out our website, come ride our bikes. We know you will agree that our bikes are second to none. A performance product, with quality craftsmanship built to last and a total thrill all rolled into an environmentally friendly motorcycle. Non polluting, energy efficient and to top it all off... whisper quiet so you can enjoy the ride! Feel secure knowing that redundant interlocks, solid-state controllers and special batteries are available to make this one of the safest bikes on the road.



Each of our bikes are hand made, to exacting specifications. Showroom bikes are available for those in a hurry, but nothing beats a "custom made to your specifications" Liberty Electric Motorcycle! Contact us for details and to secure your place in our production line.

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